Using Borax to Kill Roaches & 4 Other Ways to Get Rid of Roaches

There are many ways to get rid approach is. Some work real well, some works are some extent, and some just don’t work at all. I’m here to share how to use borax to kill roaches and four other ways to get rid of them that works very very well. I hope it will help you get rid of these guys from your home. They include:
•    Cypermethrin
•    Boric acid
•    Borax
•    Diatomaceous earth
•    Roach baits


Cypermethrin is probably the most popular option used by professional exterminators themselves. It’s also very popular and commonly used active ingredient in many commercial pesticides that you can buy off the shelf of any local store. The difference between what the stores sell and what the pros use is just a concentration, or in other words how powerful it is.

Basically what this stuff is that it’s a man-made pesticide that is been designed to attack the central nervous system of any insects that make contact with it. When contact is made and the pesticide enters the system, it paralyzes them and eventually kills them through suffocation because they can no longer breathe in air. Death occurs shortly after contact.
You will need a sprayer for this. As this stuff comes in the concentrate and you mix it with water, pour into a sprayer and then spray appropriate places. Make sure you read instructions very carefully before you use it. You also want to reconsider use this if you have pets.

Boric acid

Work acid is the most popular natural solution if you don’t want to use a synthetic pesticide like cypermethrin. The stuff we use to kill roaches and other insects comes in the form of a powder. What it does is it will cut into the exoskeleton of the insect that makes contact with it cause dehydration. Not only that, but when boric acid is ingested it becomes a stomach poison that attacks them from inside. So now you have a natural pesticide that will attack the cockroach both from the inside and the outside.

How exactly a case ingested by the cockroach in first place? Despite hope disgusting they may seem they still clean themselves. They do so by licking off whatever is stuck onto their arms and legs and body. This is when they ingest the board acid powder that has gotten stuck onto their legs.
Best way to use boric acid powder is to lightly dust; you don’t want to overdo it because then that decreases their efficacy greatly. This solution does take a lot longer to kill than something like cypermethrin, but it is the best solution you can find if you want a natural solution.

borax to kill roachesIf for some reason you don’t want to use boric acid, then you do have the option of using Borax; another great and natural alternative. It’s just as easily available as work acid is its overall cost is probably even cheaper. You won’t find it with other pesticides though. You’ll find it being sold as a laundry booster. So look where the laundry detergent is and you’ll find it.

Very much kills roaches same way that boric acid will. You apply the same we as well. And it works at the same rate; does work any faster or any slower compared to boric acid.

Diatomaceous earth

Here is yet another natural alternative, diatomaceous earth. This stuff is a lot less harmful to us compared to boric acid and Borax. However it’s not quite as effective. This is because it’s not really poisonous to roaches. It only kills cockroaches by cutting into the exoskeleton and causes dehydration.
Application is the same as work acid and Borax. One more difference is that it does take quite a bit longer to see some results compared to the other two.

Roach baits

Roach baits are very effective solution if you don’t want to mess with sprays and powders. After all, sprays will leave a residue and powders can get quite messy. Roach based on the other hand, in a handy gel form that sticks to whatever surface you apply it on. And it also comes in the very convenient enclosed container with tiny openings for roaches to go in. This is great if you have pets and small children, especially if you get the roach based that uses a hard plastic enclosure. This enclosure prevents the little ones and the pets from getting into the baits and potentially eating.
The active ingredients for these tend to be just boric acid mixed with some, attractants. The boric acid acts as a poison to kill them and the attractant will draw them in from all over the house. Just like any other thing that you may decide to use make sure you read the labels first. Place them in common areas that has a lot of traffic.